TRANSPORTATION: High Frequency Transit, Safer Streets, Regional Planning

Safe, efficient, and useful public transit that goes where people need it and long term regional transportation planning.

  • Improve public transit with a focus on ridership and high frequency service.
  • Work with our public school and colleges to provide supplemental transportation options.
  • Provide fare free or reduced cost options for students, school employees, health care providers and veterans.
  • Implement “Complete Streets” policies for all county roads.

COMMUNITY HEALTH: Affordable Housing, Social Services, Arts & Culture

Improving access to quality affordable housing, social health care services, and activities that enrich both minds and bodies.

  • Support higher density, lower parking minimums, and easier zoning codes to make building more affordable.
  • Implement a new definition to “affordability” that includes transportation costs and nearby resources – not just rent.
  • Protect and expand early child-care services, youth programs, and young-adult care.
  • Expand access to recreational assets through Tide To Town program.
  • Invest in cultural and social services that engage youth and promote community identity and strength.
  • Fight for prison healthcare reform and oversight in Chatham County.

RESILIENCE: Climate Change, Emergency Response, Small Business Protection

Investing in long term planning and protections to prepare Chatham County for the environmental, social, and economic challenges of the 21st century.

  • Work towards a healthy relationship between the County and ALL municipalities.
  • Push for a “container tax” or similar revenue generator for all cargo received at the port to fund long term investments in our community.
  • Invest in technologies that shorten down-time after disasters occur.
  • Provide assistance to small businesses and community organizations challenged by emergencies and disasters.